Birth Story’s faq’s

Hiring a professional photographer to photograph your birth can seem like a foreign and strange concept to those who have never seen or experienced it before, particularly to husbands and fathers. But when you ask ANY mother or father when the best singular days of their life were, they will most likely answer “My wedding day, and the day my child was born.” We don’t think twice about spending a hefty amount to hire a professional on our wedding day, why should it be any different for the birth of your baby? Would you ask your wedding planner, your fiance, or even your mother to take the photos on your wedding day? Having a professional birth photographer capture these moments for you frees up your partner/doula/family member to just be present & free to support you during your birth process.  The moments when you need your support team the most are usually when you need photos taken as well. Dad should CERTAINLY not be behind the lens of a camera or fiddling with an iPhone when his baby is entering the world & taking their first breaths! Their place is by their partner’s side, helping to catch their baby, or simply wiping away tears. Professionals also have the equipment and expertise to handle tricky lighting, tight surroundings & fast paced situations. A good birth photographer has discussed with you your desires regarding level of modesty, and knows how to capture the perfect shots from the best angles available at the moment. I cannot tell you the difference between the shots that my mother-in-law, the “amateur photographer,” took at my birth vs. what I take & edit for clients. Another part of my job as your photographer is to capture some of these amazing moments on video, which I use together with your still images to create a beautiful montage set to music. This is the primary product you are purchasing if you hire me as your birth photographer. Imagine sitting down with your child someday, maybe when they are graduating high school or having a child of their own, and watching the day of their birth together. The photos & video selected for your slideshow are as modest as you would like them to be, so that you can feel comfortable sharing it with as few or as many people as you’d like.


What is a Birth Story?

Birth stories capture the amazing process of your child’s debut, capturing those beautiful first moments. Starting at 38 weeks I will be on call, we stay in close contact with any changes, contractions, and Dr. appointments. If you think you are in labor please call me and don’t feel bad.

How much does a Birth Story Session Cost?

The birth story is $1500 this includes my time, a professional slide show of your images, video, birth announcement to share with family and friends and a mix of edited color or black and white images on a professional flash drive.

Do you offer payment plans?

50% of your session fee is due at the time of booking to reserve your birth story date. Remaining balance must be paid by last month and half (33 1/2) weeks gestation based on your estimated due date, final payment will be due at that time. You can make smaller payments up until that time, but to prepare for possible premature labor.

When should I book my session?

I encourage you to  book your session as early as possible,  I also photograph newborns sessions and only schedule two birth sessions a month.

What do I photograph?

We will talk about your preferred level of modesty during your consultation during this time I will make notes of things you specifically would like or not like me to capture.  I  do take very modest images and respect your wishes these are the images that will be are used for your slideshow and any online publications.  Hospital policy may very so please check with your hospital.

I am in labor, when should I call you?

As soon as you think it is “the real thing” please call me no matter what time . I cannot stress how important this is. I would rather you tell me early than telling me too late. That being said, I will head to your place of birth when you are in active labor. Please designate a support person to stay in contact with me so I am aware of your progression. A good rule of thumb when you are dilated  5 to 6 cm this is  generally a great time for me to join you in your room.

What happens if I go into labor before 38 weeks?

Call me ASAP! This is why I ask even if you think you are in labor. Again I only book two sessions a month so that I can have the flexibility to quickly change my schedule to accommodate you.

What if my birth takes a really long time?

I do not want you to stress over the length of your birth, I’m with you for the long hall. I do however reserve the right after 10 hrs to leave if need be

What if I require a Cesarean birth?

Please communicate with your care provider and advocate to have me in the operating room if you wish. If it is an emergency situation, there is no time for communication and I am not allowed in the OR I will resume photographing as soon as baby has been stabilized and with dad or a family member.

How long do you stay after I give birth?

Usually 1-2 hrs. If you had a quick labor I will stay longer after the birth to get more images, possibly capture extended family meeting baby or babies first bath.

Have you missed a birth before?

I am aware that babies come at all hours and are unpredictable. If I were to miss your birth for any reason outside my control such as; I didn’t receive a call, labor was too quick, acts of Mother Nature (snow storm, dangerous driving conditions) accidents on highway ect. then the session rate is transferable to another session and products. In the event I was not able to make it due to personal reasons, I will do my best to send a replacement Birth Photographer {the birth fee is then paid to that photographer} If I or a back up weren’t able to make it, the birth fee is refunded in full. My contract goes over these aspects in more detail.